December 17, 2012

A Visit From Sherstin

SO...I forced Sherstin to come out and visit me for a weekend.  It was very short, but well worth it.  She flew in Friday night and flew out Sunday evening.  We actually didn't really do anything and didn't even really take pictures at all!  Mostly because we literally just hung out, talked and relaxed!  It was lovely!  We spent half of our time in Morgan Hill and the other half in Petaluma so that Shestin could see where I am now and where I grew up.  
 We stopped by Susannah's place so that Sherstin could meet Peyton...
 Peyton did not disappoint and Sherstin said that she understands now when I talk about how freaking cute Peyton is!
 I showed Sherstin the creek I played in growing up, there was a lot more water in it from the last time I checked.

 I freaked out because dad randomly paved the driveway...I wanted him to do that all my life and he suddenly did it on a whim!
 My beautiful green Petaluma!

We even made it out to my Elementary school and I showed her where I am immortalized on the wall of the school :)

I had a great time and look forward to seeing her next month when she becomes Mrs. Sherstin Sutherland!

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