October 10, 2012

Walk to Cure

 Sunday was the Diabetes Walk to Cure... so we were at Great America nice and early!
 It was nice and smart that they just did a walk around the park and then fed us and left us to go play at Great America the rest of the day!
 The three Diabetics plus Austin.
 Thanks to anyone who donated money to the cause!

 Some of the swag we picked up for Jenn
 Jenn feels pretty left out that she isn't diabetic and they were giving away free blood testers, so we got her another one and decorated it for her!
 And we each got a tattoo!
 And then off to spend the rest of the day on the rides!
 We left and then I came back with the kids for Halloween Haunt, which was pretty fun....
 The kids were great and weren't too scared at all!


Natalie Smith said...

great day! it is always fun to walk for a cause and see everyone's support.

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