October 11, 2012

New Office

 Life has been kinda crazy lately!  I've pretty much been working three part time jobs, but all for the school district.  Well, I guess one of them can't be considered the school district.
 I'm still doing the part time ROP job for the high schools, but then they asked me to sub as the assistant to the new director of technology and enrollment part time in the mornings until the hire someone (hopefully me!) and therefore have me doing both jobs at the district office now
Plus I was asked to be the campaign manager for Measure G...a bond Morgan Hill is voting for in November to get more money for the schools.  Poor Lisa...I've got her all wrapped into volunteering for it!  Plus, I am the YSA rep in my ward...which I am the only YSA in the ward on the list...and they asked me to help with the trunk or treat this year!  All this work is cramping my pool time!  ;)  So grateful to have a job(s) though!!!

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Tiffany Rumsey said...

Look how wanted you are! Everyone is fighting over you! :) good job