September 29, 2011

Thoughts Lately

I've realized that it isn't always your closest friends who add that extra special touch to your day.

As much as I have loved living with each of my roommates, I'm loving living by myself right now...I guess it is a good thing that I don't have a choice about that at this point anyway.

I love to travel, but having traveled so much this year, it is nice to have a break to stay put and be involved in my own life again.

Trying something new, like cake decorating, has been fun...even if I can't stand the sight of frosting at the moment.

Most girls at my age and status are pining for a husband and children.  I look forward to having those things someday, but for now, I'm enjoying my life.

It is nice to have a boss who is a female.

God not only answers my prayers, but also the random thoughts that I have in the back of my mind sometimes.

Funny that after blogging about my fabulous blood sugar control, I couldn't get my blood sugar levels to stay down for the life of me for days.  I forgot to knock on wood after writing that post.

I'm glad that I ended up staying in Utah for now.  My tune will probably change once it starts snowing.

Nothing is a coincidence.

1 comment:

Natalie Smith said...

I am happy you are content and enjoying life. Living alone has to be great...
So.. cake decorating is something I want to do very badly. I just need to do it. :-) can't wait to see some of your master pieces.