November 26, 2009


Ok, it is time to tell the world...well...all 5 of you who read my blog anyway. I have read the Twilight Series. Yes, I know, I was VERY against it. However, you must hear me out.

SO, I was at work one day, and my sister, Lisa, was texting me bugging me about reading Twilight. She had been against it until her friend, Heidi, made her read them. She is now a "Twihard." And when I say Twihard, I mean, Twilight ADDICT! Anyway, so she told me I woudn't be allowed to see her kids until after I had read them. That didn't phase me, because I knew she had no choice in that matter. Then she told me that she had it all set up online for all the books and the movie to be overnighted to me! I told her I was running to a meeting and not to do anything!

After my meeting, I told her that I would go buy the books if she would just NOT spend a million dollars getting that overnighted to me. She said ok, as long as I sent her picture proof that I got the books. And I did.

I'm not a sciencefiction person, but the storyline was pretty good and kept me reading. I had a hard time with her type of writing...especially the descriptions. I am for sure a "Team Jacob" and my sister is "Team Edward." It is pretty entertaining to bug her about that!

Anyway, since none of our family is really getting together for Thanksgiving, we decided to do a preThanksgiving celebration which included going to see New Moon on opening night with my sister and two of her friends.
I never get into these things, but it was pretty fun to do so for once, even if I was very much so the low key person there! (not to mention the only Jacob fan in our little group!) We also played Twilight Scene it and had Twilight chocolates. My sister did an amazing job as hostess and had my room decorated, and I even had a treat basket!

It was a fun time and the movie was a lot better than the first one...but then again, this is coming from Team Jacob ;)


The Stells! said...

Team Jacob! BOOOO! lol i still cant beleive you read the books! haha i still need to go see the movie....

Traci said...

I knew it! You LOVE Twilight now! Ha ha!

Meri said...

I am a loud and proud Twi-hard fan! But alas...I am so team Edward. When I watched New Moon a couple days ago I looked at my SIL and said, "I don't get Team Jacob." But then he cut his hair and HELLO!!!

I'm proud of you for giving it a chance! (Even if you really didn't have a choice. :)

kp said...

You're a nerd and I'm not sure we can still be friends

Charlotta-love said...

I've read (and enjoyed) Twilight. Two of my sisters have read (and enjoyed) Twilight.
My MOM has read (and enjoyed) Twilight.

Sigh. What is the world coming to?! Vampire/Werewolf love triangles? ...yes!

Carrie said...

Oh Al, there's nothing to be ashamed of.... except for being Team Jacob!! EW! hahahaha Ash and I knew that you'd get hooked once you tried them out! :) You guys got really into it, what with the shirts and hats and everything! That's awesome! I'm just waiting for the movie to make it to China!!


GayLynn said...

Allison, I totally understand your team Jacob thing. After New Moon I became a Jacob fan. By the end of the series I became satisfied with Edward but I agree that Jacob was the better choice. She is happiest with him!!