November 11, 2009

Colorado Family Time

Karlie and her son have been living in Colorado for a bit while her husband is at training. They are moving to Tampa in January, so I took a weekend trip out to Colorado to visit my 'other' family!

I got to play with Zanin and hang out with Karlie all weekend...what more can you ask for?

Check out that cute kid!

We thought this sign about chipmunks was pretty funny! I, of course, chased one! It was so good to hang out with the Drapers and the Smiths. It is just like going home again and they spoil me like crazy!


karlie and brett said...

OOOHHH good times my friend...good times...i love Z's face in that last nonchalant

Anonymous said...

seriously that last face is hilarious! i laughed out loud! oh man hahahhaa.

you will always be a part-smith! thanks for takin' care of K, she's a little retarded sometimes and needs it.


Traci said...

Awww Karlie......I miss her!