October 8, 2009

Quick Update

So, I never actually know what these updates are going to be about until I look at my pics on my memory card and then I just update on whatever I have pictures of!

Sarah was amazing and threw a fun mocktail birthday party for her husband, Ryan. She came over to my place the night before and we made the food for it...she had some amazing ideas!

Ryan had no clue about the party until he came to the doorstep and heard noise in the house, oh well, at least he was mostly surprised!

We had a fun little reunion with Mikey-Pooh! He's moved back to Provo and it has been wonderful having the three of us back together again!

So, one day, this little stuffed sloth showed up in my co worker's office. Ever since that they, people in the accounting department will hide the sloth for her to find and freak out about, it really is hilarious! The other day, I decided it was my turn to hide Slothy! I wasn't there when she found him hanging under her desk like that, but I hear it was a funny reaction!

1 comment:

haleyhorrocks said...

Hey, tell Sarah I say "hi".

Also, tell Mike to cut his hair like he got it cut that one time (what girl's apartment cut it?) where they shaved a patch on the top of his head. It'll be awesome.