October 7, 2009

Cougars VS Aggies

So, Tiff had some extra tickets to the BYU Vs USU game last Friday and invited me to come. Then my uncle had to go out of town and gave his tickets to my parents, so we gave Tiff's tickets away to sit in the awesome seats my uncle had!
My parents are Aggies...both of them. Mom finally admitted that she's more of a BYU fan, but dad is sticking to his Aggie heritage. Pretty sure mom didn't really care about the game because the happiest she was the whole time was during halftime when the band came out!

Matching BYU fans!

Dad tried to hide the BYU shirt I got him to wear to the game. But I think he looks like superman in this picture!

Dad showing how he really feels about his team losing TO THE COUGARS!


Tiffany Rumsey said...

Haha- yay! that was so much fun! Remember when I tried to drink hot chocolate? yeah...good times...

kp said...

My mom loves watching the band too. She was in the cougar band--was your mom a nerd too ?ca