July 15, 2009


So I'm watching the O'Reilly factor and there was a story on this journalist who wrote about how we need to get white men out of power in the United States and put minorities in. HUH? Just vote for GOOD people...who cares what their race or gender is?!?! Oh yeah, and the journalist is a left winger...aren't there mostly left wingers in control right now? Hmmm.


haleyhorrocks said...

I don't think people really think that kind of action would make anything better. Sure, I want minorities to have the same opportunities as the general population, too, but I think they just want minority votes. If left-wing politicians really thought that putting minorities in political positions (qualified or not) would solve problems, they wouldn't be running for offices, but would put their political influence behind someone else.

Shayla said...

from a brown person: please don't put me in!!!!!! :)