July 12, 2009

I Love To See The Temple

So...I dragged myself out of bed this morning (with the help of Cindy and Abby texting me to wake up), skipped the shower (gross) and got to Relief Society before it started (yay!). The lesson was on the temple. After RS I went to Sunday school where Tyson stole my shoe (I had kidnapped his scriptures) and then we had a lesson on revelations in the D&C. Sacrament meeting talks were also on temples. I went home and I was about to hibernate for the afternoon (a nap is not a nap unless it is at least 3 hours long) when I got a text from my visiting teaching companion to go visit one of our girls in an hour. I rolled over and grabbed my Ensign and looked at this month's lesson...the temple. This got me thinking (hard to imagine, I know)...

I am so lucky that I live 8 minutes away from a house of the Lord. It is so easy to take the temple for granted, especially when it is so close. At the last general conference there were so many talks given on the blessings of the temple. How important it is for us to listen to the words of the prophets and attend the temple, to help our kindred dead, to be surrounded by the Spirit, especially during times such as these. What a wonderful gift our Father in Heaven has given to us to have these temples to dot the earth.

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Charlotta-love said...

Go often!!!

They just closed the Atlanta one for 18 months (renovations). Now, instead of driving 1:15 one way, it's 3 hours one way to the one in SC.

Go often!!!