November 23, 2008

Soon To Be Mrs. Peterson

I'm starting to feel like my blog has become a reporting system on the different showers I attend! Oh well! So, my little Jessica is getting married! It was fun to go to her bridal shower on Saturday. I forsure didn't win any of the games, but oh well...we all know I'm not the biggest fan of shower games! (Althought I was SO close to winning a game at Shauna's baby shower!)

We went dress shopping a while back. None of those dresses will be in use for the wedding, but I liked the picture. Besides, why pay thousands of dollars for dresses when you can make them out of paper products for a fraction of the cost!

Not sure that she will be all that warm in that dress in January, but she looks beautiful none the less!

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Cristi said...

Yay beautiful Jessica!