November 17, 2008

Shauna's Baby Shower

On Saturday I was able to go to my old roommate's (Shauna) baby shower! The shower was up in Salt Lake, so I map quested the location. Yeah, after driving around the area for a while, I realized that one of the streets on the directions did not exist. I called Shauna, who got me on the right track (she's always had a way of doing that for me) and I made it to the shower safe and sound!

So, Shauna is 8 months prego and this was the first time that I've seen her since she's been pregnant. (I know, I'm a horrible friend!) Anyway, it was SO weird at first to see Shauna with this tummy...granted, she looks like she's only about 4 months prego, but still! I hate feeling pregnant tummies, but I had to feel Shauna's to make sure this was real! I finally got over the shock and had fun at the shower and getting to catch up some with Shauna. We realized that we have been each other's longest running roommates!

It was also so fun to see Shauna's mom again (she has this way of always making me feel like the most beautiful person in the room). I even got to meet Shauna's new sister-in-law, Kristen, who was so much fun to talk to!

Anyway, I figured I would add in some extra pictures of Shauna and me over the years. Congrats to Shauna and Mark...and I can't wait to meet you, baby Jackson!

In the dorms our freshman summer.
Halloween in the Terrace.

That fateful trip to SoCal about 4 years ago.

At Shauna's baby shower last Saturday.


Charlotta-love said...

Shauna, Congratulations on looking 4 months pregnant. I agree...she doesn't look 8 months at all.

ashlee said...

So cute! I love Shauna and hate her for being so dang beautiful!!! You look adorable all preggers!!