March 4, 2013

My Work Life Is Crazy

 Oh my goodness.  I don't think that I have ever been this busy in any job that I have ever had!  But I enjoy my job, so it is all worth it!  I've had to get everything all worked through for both K-6 13-14 enrollment as well as choice placement.  Plus, I had to redo the registration forms to make life easier for parents and our schools.  They also decided to change my schedule around a bit, so I will work one day a week at each of the high schools and they had me move my office at one high school to a different location.  I'm pretty happy about that because I really felt like the other office wasn't really mine and I was living in the shadow of the person before me.  Now I get to set things up how I want them!  I still have my office the same at the District office though, so I'm just running around all over the place, but it is also fun getting to know people in person at the elementary schools, since I mostly work with them electronically.

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