January 3, 2013


The weekend before Christmas was very rainy, so I didn't head up to Petaluma until Christmas Eve.  We had a pretty low key night with Thorpes.  We did get to play a new version of the Money Game, but I wasn't playing so well...boo.  The next morning, the Thorpes' came back and we opened presents with them and hung out there rest of the day.  Missionaries and the Buchans over for dinner.  Santa brought me the full series of Friends!  I'm one step closer to becoming Kristen!  

 Peyton loves her grandpa
 I think Kevin was tired...

 Money Game!

 Yummy breakfast!
 Peyton messing up Grandma's bed...it is a good thing she's so dang cute!

 Opening presents
Peyton decided to ride the horse!

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Natalie Smith said...

We do that same breakfast! So scrumptious!