July 31, 2012


 Here are a few things that happened in June...I think it was all June...above is a video of Austin trying to ride the bull at Mushroom Mardi Gras!
 Emmitt is my little buddy!
 I finally got myself a new flower decal from Hawaii so that everyone can tell my car part from all the other millions of silver jettas!
 Making my niece pose at the movie theaters...
 Kyra trying to make me be 12 years old again...
 Lisa with our handy work...we are so talented!
 Austin got a new bike!

Took the kids to Great America...
 and I got soaked going on the water rides with them!
 Trying to get the kids to do some work around the house
 Ward family temple day
 My attempt at going to bed early turned into watching a movie with Austin, Emmitt and Ella.
 My little buddy again!
 Taking the dog on a walk
 I really haven't sat out in the sun much since there have been tons of workers getting their job done on the pool...so I'm not really tan, but hopefully I can make up for it!
 Emmitt trying to do the Asia pose.
Lisa and I cleaned out the office!  Finally!


Traci said...

I love your little buddy! :)

karlie said...

totally dig the new flower. And I want to lay out next to their new pool! Oh wait. You could do that at my house too. :) Still waiting for you to come visit!

Natalie Smith said...

great recap! Make sure you make time to soak up the sun...no excuses ;)

katie said...

Wow, it sure is beautiful out there. Glad to see you are so well accompanied. Isn't family the greatest? Hugs to you Allison.