October 21, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

 I met Lisa down in Vegas this past weekend.  One of her friends was there for a bowling tournament.  We also got to see the Lion King, which was awesome!
 Lisa bowling
 I snuck away to the Bellagio

 Our king suite!
We also ate at Hooters for the first time, did a lot of sleeping and I even took two bubble baths!  Thanks for a great weekend, Lisa!


Natalie Smith said...

Oh this sounds dreamy...
You are a lucky lady :-)

T-Ray said...

I saw the Lion King in Vegas and I LOVED it. So fun!

. teixeira . said...

ok no more hooters

but lots more bubble baths of course

and more inviting summer on las vegas trips???????????

thank you

Lisa said...

How come no bubble bath pics! U r a crack up. Ok doesn't really look like I was bowling! And I loved hooters! Love love love fried pickles and so do u now right?! And we had a great server! So go hooters! Ps I've never been to another hooters but guessing this one was rather tame in comparison?! Thanks for lion king Allison! Love u!