August 26, 2011

Fan/Not a Fan

I am not a fan of...
The cold weather coming back.
Students in the streets at night on their skateboards ASKING to be run over.
Provo traffic.
Being ignored.
Construction on the 15.
Halloween candy being out in August at Smiths.
Christmas stuff being out in August at Costco...but we'll let this one slide since it IS Costco.
Working at least 8 hours a day.

I am a fan of...
My friends' children.
Snickers Ice Cream bars.
Finally having a calling.
My parents buying me stuff at Costco.
My boss letting me off early to help a friend.
Getting packages in the mail, even if I was the purchaser.
Thai food with friends.
The Help.
My visiting teachers, teachees and companion.


Natalie Smith said...

I commented on your blog a while back telling you I was following your blog and asking for your email so I could send you an me at :)

I love getting packages even if I bought them. Sometimes that is more fun, because you know you are going to like what is in it.

T-Ray said...

I hope when you said you were a fan of your visiting teachers... that I was included in that thought. :)

Tiffany Rumsey said...

So true about cold weather coming back- I'm dreading winter more than ever!! So, I know most freshman are annoying but you can make an exception for Alyssa, right? :)

Carrie said...

good list!! what's your calling??

Lisa said...

Uhmmmm what about ur sister's children?!?! Fan or not a fan LOL!!