June 29, 2011

Summa Nights

Can I just say that I love Provo summer nights?  Seriously.  I just went on a little walk around the neighborhood and the temperature was perfect...even at 11:30 at night.  Back when I was young and fun, I would go running through the sprinklers with friends.  Tonight I avoided them, but enjoyed the memories all the same.


Callie J said...

Allison, As long as you are "pre-pregnant" you are still young and fun. "post-pregnant" is young and fun too, I think, but if anyone is not young and fun right now, it is ME. I am old and exhausted and want to trade legs, but Andrew won't trade. Baby girl stuck her bum out the entire day yesterday. I could just see the stretch marks materialize. :)

The Stells! said...

you can come run with my kiddos in the sprinklers they want to do it nightly :)

DJ and Candra Probert said...

Ouch. This was like a punch to my gut.

I always miss Utah -- but I miss it most in the Summer time.