May 29, 2011


So, I finally have some time to post, so here are some picture from my Ireland trip back in March!

 Headed out!
 Dinner at Kenny's Pub
 Church in Dublin
 I drove the whole time, a stick, on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car!
 Giant's Causeway
 Rope Bridge where you can see Scotland
 Dunluce Castle
 Dunluce Castle
 Dunluce Castle
 Limerick Castle
 Cliffs of Moher
Our car!
 Ring of Kerry
 Our carriage ride
 Pretty flowers
 Church in Kilarny
 Loved Killarny!
 Blarney Castle
 Kissing the Blarney Stone
 Poison're not allowed to breathe deeply...
 Blarney House
Rock of Cashel
 Wicklow Mountains
 Beautiful Drive
 SHEEP all over the place!
View of Dublin

My camera died on our day at Dublin and I still haven't gotten those pics from Lisa and Ash...


Tiffany Rumsey said...

Wow- what an amazing trip! Do you ever get sick of the long airplane rides? Just flying to Hawaii was as much as I could take right now!

Charlotta-love said...

I actually just decided that I want to go to Ireland. It will probably be next year. I'll have to pick your brain on all the cool stuff.