August 27, 2009


Can you believe that these three (with number four on the way) gorgeous people have left us to move to China?? Well, they have!

The Three Muskateers in their last picture all together for a while...sad day!

All grown up Aunt Katie and cute Noah!

We were able to run up to Salt Lake the night before the Hunsakers left for China. It was fun to get together to see them before taking off on this great adventure! You guys are missed!!!!
Here's to me going to China in 2010!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!


Carrie said...

To answer your question.... NO!!! I CANNOT believe that we're in China!!! It still blows my mind when I actually think about the fact that we're not just over here, but that we're going to BE here for more than just a little visit.... A little overwhelming! Anyway, LOVE your pictures!! You need to email me all the shots you took that night! Kenny looks like he was about to say something in the first one, but it's still a good pic. Thanks again for coming up to SLC that night - it was a really nice send-off. I miss you girls and can't wait til Sept 2010!!! ;) LOVE YOU!!!

Mark and Shauna Bevans said...

What? Your going to China in 2010! CRAZY!

Cristi said...

How dare they leave us!!1 :)