April 21, 2009

Not So PC

Props to Miss CALIFORNIA for having the conviction to say exactly what she believes. You could tell by the look on her face that she knew that once she said what she said, that she was getting set up for plenty of persecution after the show. On one hand, I don't think that question should have been asked, but on the other, I'm glad that it was. She did a great job telling the world how she felt. However, the judge shouldn't have asked a question that he knew he wouldn't be able to react calmly towards if it did not align with his own opinion. Honestly, what if he had asked "what is your favorite color...blue or red" and she answered red when his favorite is blue? Would he be reacting the same way he is now?

Either way, I'm a little envious that she was able to stand up for what she believes in such a cool way. Not that I want to be in a beauty pageant, but still!

It would also be nice if people didn't get so offended so easily...she is right...we live in America where we have the right to choose and a right to have our own beliefs. She clearly wasn't trying to offend anyone, but it would seem that he was trying to offend her by calling her names after the show, apologizing and then taking back the apology...


John Stratford said...

Hey Murray! Cool blog. I like the Petaluma pictures -- I'm actually moving back there for a while so I'll let you know if I see any jobs. I need more people back there to drive me around anyway. ;)

Hope you don't mind if I jump into the lion's den here and debate you in the comments section. I think people get offended by the gay marriage thing because it's not really just a personal opinion, like a favorite color is. It's legislating against a whole group of people and withholding certain privileges because of the personal opinion. I'm sure you don't care if some people don't agree with the book of mormon, but you'd probably care if they started passing laws discriminating against you. Once you start doing that, it becomes much more than just 'respect my beliefs and we'll still be friends'. There have to be legitimate reasons for making laws like that -- not just personal or religious disagreement with being gay.

Anyway, hope everything else is gravy. :)

Laura and Jared said...

There have been laws made against Mormons, and Mormons obeyed them, because that is what we believe.

All laws are opinion based to some degree. Most are just to protect people and keep them safe, but some are just to maintain order. There are laws against prostitution, laws about WHEN men and women can get divorces in certain states, etc. Not that a agree with every law, but I don't think this one is all that unusual.

The Schuhmachers said...

That was a loaded question and the poor girl was shafted. Basically the judges said if you don't think like us, you will not win. The truth is, most of America agrees with Miss California. I was so impressed that she stated what she believed knowing that there would be backlash for it. I applaud her integrity.

Charlotta-love said...

I heard a report the next day on the radio. They were interviewing someone who is gay and he was upset with her answer. He said that America is a place of freedom that should welcome all types of people.

I agree. America IS a place of freedom. She is free to have her own opinion and we welcome others to have differing opinions.

She did a great job. Go Ms. California!

Anonymous said...

the fact is that she would have been slammed no matter what answer she gave! i think the question was totally inappropriate.

but the real question is, does our 'ideal' miss america have to please everyone around her, or can she stick up for her own beliefs?

i think she did a great job of being a true american... we all have our own opinions, and she did well expressing hers without wavering.

props to this!

DJ and Candra Probert said...

You SHOULD be in a beauty pageant, BPFF. I can't believe I hadn't suggested it sooner.

That was a tough question...it addressed an issue that Americans feel very passionate about right now. Of course she was going to upset millions of people either way. Good for her for voicing her beliefs.

Cristi said...

He took BACK the apology?!